Hi Everyone, Welcome. I have created this site to make things more efficient for us and so that we are able to share cruicial information as well as scheduling for her.


Over the coming weeks this will be updated further.


One thing to remember in these hot temperatures is we MUST USE SHELL V POWER FUEL ONLY


Always check Rotax Service Bulitens before flight found here :






G-Flax Home Airfiled lleweni parc



Lleweni Parc is in many ways the realisation of a soaring dream for Rod Witter. A glider pilot for more years than he cares to remember, Rod has flown in the area over several decades from Cosford, Bryngwyn Bach and latterly from Lleweni Parc. Realising that the Snowdonia Wave was always in phase with the Vale of Clwyd, Rod set out to find the perfect site to take advantage of that fantastic wave - and finally found it at Lleweni in the late 1980s.


Lleweni Parc is not a conventional members' club with training on demand, but an enterprise owned and supported by Rod and Sue Witter who are passionate about promoting the future of gliding in the UK. They particularly back junior gliding through ideas such as launch deals and accommodation options and there is many a junior who has experienced his or her first wave above North Wales with Rod in his Duo Discus or Arcus.

Because of this focus on Gold and Diamond quality flying, gliding activity at Lleweni Parc is intermittent and focussed on the Spring and Autumn Wavefests although, of course, expeditions can be hosted at any time of year by arrangement.